Geek Meet 2005

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Things started Friday night. People started arriving at the hotel. Our luck changed and the conference room became available, much to the happiness of the hotel manager. We ordered a good dinner from a Chinese restaurant. For pics, click here.

Saturday, we played the role of tourist. We visited Dealey Park, the JFK museum,  the Dallas World Aquarium, and the Taste if Dallas festival. We also made the obligatory trip to Frys. For dinner, we went to Dickey's BBQ for dinner. For pics, click here.

After dinner, Joe, Gail, Jack, and Peter went to the radio station to appear on Mick Williams' Cyber-Line show.

Sunday, was the whole reason for the get-together, the LIVE broadcast of the On Computers Radio Show. We were joined by Mick Williams and his crew from Cyber-Line. A great thanks to everyone for coming and helping.

To see pictures click the following:

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Troll's Sunday pics



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